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Our Story

LUXURÉE was born over brunch (with too many cups of coffee), when Désirée and her friends were comparing cosmetics and their shopping experiences in Switzerland and Asia.

Everyone living in Asia was frustrated with finding beauty products beyond uber crowded, expensive shopping mall counters. Finding the cosmetics we love without it taking hours in malls and paying expensive prices, is a mission impossible!

We wanted a place, where we can quickly order what we want. But also find complete information about and how to apply the products, and reviews from other customers.

Knowing they weren't the only ones fed-up, they decided to create LUXURÉE. Luckily, Désirée, as a former Swiss ice skating professional, cosmetics addict and digital marketing specialist, had the perfect skill set and friends with years in experience in e-commerce.
The team jokes that they are the yin to each other's yang and came together to offer smart beauty solutions to people like them.

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